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Surfing Planet Mu

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Surfing Planet Mu Surfing Mu is feedback loop of your mind in realtime creating art. We designed an installation that uses your brainwaves to create generative gradients that then stimulates your visual cortex to create transcendental meditative experiences. Mind Feedback Loop

Majorana Memories

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Majorana Memories A generative object combining interactivity along with a 360 binaural audio installation. This object dropped in from another dimension bringing with it transmissions and memories from the future if you have the patience to find them. It's only the beginning of multi-dimensional storytelling puzzle through an interactive sonic installation from Architek One. [...]

iSchool Escape Bus

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iSchool Interactive Escape Bus iSchool gutted an airstream and asked Architek One along with Mass Collective to bring it to life with interactivity, the latest embedded systems and technology. From Raspberry Pi to Particle Photons we created an experience where users felt like they had been teleported into a spaceship that required problem solving to escape. [...]

3DM Music Festival

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World's First 3D Stereoscopic Music Festival Partnering with Dzign Light Studios we were brought in as creative designer and visual architekt for the world's first stereoscopic music festival. All visual were generative and beat synced in realtime at 60 frames per second. Interactive 3D [...]

One Night Virtual Reality Installation

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Project Description How can you change a person’s view on one of the biggest problems our country faces in the future? Change their perspective. We are all 99.9% the same genetically, so connecting with those who live on the streets brings us closer together with each other and ourselves. Step inside the homeless [...]