Project Description

Project Description

How can you change a person’s view on one of the biggest problems our country faces in the future? Change their perspective. We are all 99.9% the same genetically, so connecting with those who live on the streets brings us closer together with each other and ourselves. Step inside the homeless perspective for One Night with a dada virtualization demo and installation.  Perspective is everything.

The Challenge

With over 6000 people being without a home during an annual Janaury census; conveying the size and scope of the homeless population in Atlanta was a bit daunting. Connecting the audience with such an overwhelming number we felt was the most important aspect of the project. 

The Solution

We knew we had to make something that was easily digestable. We started with breaking down the percentages into the top demographics responsible for homelessness. Then we could create a personal experience through storytelling so the audience could not only see but feel a different perspective by connecting to our empathy and individual stories.

Project Production

One Night 360 Video